9 month old Emerald was found in Philadelphia with one of the most horrifying injuries rescuers have ever seen. Someone, some monster, tied something so tight around her muzzle that her entire muzzle was lacerated down to the bone. Her face was very swollen and infected. Emerald underwent 4 surgeries to clean and repair her muzzle. Despite the horror she went through, Emmie is the most lovable and happy girl.



Dozer was a stray from Camden, NJ. He has what is called "cauliflower" ears. The insides of his ears are filled with hematomas and infection. Dozer is being treated medically to reduce the swelling and clear up the infection. He will more than likely suffer some hearing loss because this was let go for so long. 



Jethro was saved from Philly after having an altercation with another animal. He was taken to our vets where he had surgery to repair his lip that was torn from his jaw, teeth extraction and repair of several open wounds on his legs.



Quinn was surrendered to a high kill shelter after suffering a fall from a bed. She was taken to our vet where X-rays revealed a broken leg. She was placed in a cast for several weeks to allow for healing. 



Phoebe is an elder girl with a young heart who found herself in the kill shelter when her owners said they were moving. Phoebe had a major infection in her mouth from rotten teeth and a large growth on the side of her neck. She underwent surgery to repair and extract her teeth and remove her growth which was benign! 



Charlie made his way to the high kill shelter after being found with a horrible wound that had his knee opened wide up. He required surgery to repair it and physical therapy. 



Just a baby, Angie was found on the streets of Philly. Angle had a severe case of mange and was anemic. After discovering a heart murmur, Angie underwent an angiogram where it was determined she has a deformed coronary artery and pulmonary stenosis.



Jasmine came to us from the Lehigh County Humane Society after she was discovered on the street limping. Jasmine had a broken leg. After several weeks in a cast, Jasmine found her forever home.


Jimmy Choo

Jimmy was found on the streets of Camden, NJ. Jimmy is suffering from untreated bilateral elbow luxation. He will be undergoing 2 surgeries called Arthroscopy to attempt to put his elbows back in place. Should this not work his elbows will then be fused to save his spine and hips from further damage. Jimmy will then go through months of physical therapy. The estimated cost of just the 2 surgeries is approx. $8,000 then physical therapy will be $150 per week for at least 4 months. 

If you are interested in helping with Jimmy's surgery please click the link to order your very own Jimmy Choo shirt!

If you would like to donate through Jimmy's YouCaring here is the link -




Kira was found as a stray after being hit by a car. She was brought to our emergency vet where she was diagnosed with a dislocated hip. She was placed under sedation and the hip was put back in place. 



Garbanzo was found running the streets of Camden, NJ eating a dead opossum. Shortly after being in foster care he exhibited signs of excessive thirst. After bloodworm revealed an acute kidney issue he was hospitalized. Garbanzo tested positive for Leptospirosis and is currently recovering. 



Lance was surrendered to a high kill shelter when his owner claimed he had too many animals. His face was swollen and scabby. After seeing our vets he was diagnosed with puppy strangles. He recovered a few weeks later. 



Elsa was found dumped and defeated suffering from multiple bite wounds and an injured leg that required amputation. She spent lots of time being spoiled in foster care before finding her happily ever after. You can follow her on Instagram too -



Yoshi was surrendered to us by a young couple who purchased him from a pet store. A few days later he was hospitalized with Parainfluenza & pneumonia. He spent several days in the ICU in an oxygen tank. 



Rayney and her sister Reese were surrendered to us at just 3 weeks old after they were found in a box outside a store.  Not too long after arrival, they both became sick with Parvo. Both spent days in the hospital and unfortunately Reese crossed to the rainbow bridge. Rayney made a full recovery.



Ethan was found in Philadelphia and brought to ACCT, Philly. He was so hard to look at as he was literally a walking skeleton weighing under 30 lbs. After going through re-feeding, Ethan gained the needed weight to be healthy again. Ethan  also had a cancerous mast cell tumor removed from his side but has since had a clean bill of health.