Macie came to us after spending 3 weeks in the kill shelter visibility losing weight. She was hospitalized where it was discovered she had terminal cancer throughout her body. Macie would spend the next couple of weeks in foster care where she ventured out every day to complete her bucket list. Macie touched all our hearts and we miss her dearly. Run Free Macie



Momma came to us after being found on the streets of Camden, NJ. She was covered in hundreds of ticks. The following day she delivered 1 puppy in the shelter. We quickly found a foster as the shelter is no place for a mom and baby. Upon picking her up, she was limping so she was taken immediately to the vet. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of her front limb. 24 hours later despite being on pain meds, Momma needed to be admitted to the hospital where a battery of testing was done. Unfortunately the cancer had spread to her spine as well. Momma was a sweet girl and an amazing mom to her puppy. Run Free Momma, you will forever be in our hearts. 8/20/17